Tamags come in all shapes in sizes, but their evolutionary stages remain the same for all Tamags. From Egg to Elder, your Tamag is sure to keep you engaged.


Each Tamag will start its life as an egg. After 24 hours, the eggs is hatchable. At this time, you will meet your brand-new Baby Tamag

An overview

Successful tokenomics are about making sure that success of the token should translate into success for the project, and vice-versa. Most NFT projects struggle to achieve mass adoption and create lasting value due to the constant struggle of the initial hyper-appreciating values of their underlying tokens (if successful) thus making entry into collection and gaming become increasingly unobtainable. This barrier to entry caps growth, and leaves projects struggling to move forward.

The challenge thus is to create a structure that rewards and incentivizes ownership and participation in the ecosystem (TME, TMC, Tamags, Frenzies, Accessory NFTs) while also ensuring…

Your TAMAGs will be upgraded soon!

The upgrade from TAMAG to TAMAGV2 will allow them to be equipped with all kinds of stuff from the NiFTygotchi universe! Here is the schedule for the upgrade:

20 December 4PM UTC

  1. The Hatchery will temporarily pause hatching of TME to TAMAG. You can still deposit TME to begin the hatching process, but they cannot be hatched into TAMAG for the time being. Eggs with active countdowns in the hatchery are safe, they can be hatched into TAMAGs once hatchery is fully operational again.
  2. The TAMAG staking pool will stop giving out rewards. A new TAMAG pool will…

It’s time for the next milestone of the NiFTygotchi universe: staking.

A new token of TMC will be introduced and it will be the currency that is used throughout the NiFTygotchi ecosystem. We will begin distribution of the tokens via yield farming! You get to stake your token and more excitedly — your TAMAGs to get rewards!

Uses of TMC:

There are lots of planned uses for TMC. Here are some of the features to look forward to (the list is always expanding😊)

  1. Currency to buy clothes and accessories for your TAMAG
  2. Currency to buy other in-game items to increase staking yield
  3. Currency…

So the time has finally come for the release of the hatchery, where players get to hatch their eggs (TME) into virtual pets (TAMAG).


The TAMAG token is a NFT ERC721 token that represents your virtual pet. It will be minted with random stats, and will be tradeable on opensea.

Contract address: 0xa6D82Fc1f99A868EaaB5c935fe7ba9c9e962040E


The hatchery is the one and only place for eggs to hatch into TAMAGS. Users will submit their 1 TME to be birth into a TAMAG. Here are the rules:

  1. 1 TME is needed for 1 egg.
  2. Each user can only have 2 concurrent eggs in the…

The team has given some serious thoughts about the roadmap and we can’t wait to deliver our vision to the community :)

Note that the following activities are subjected to changes along the way. Milestones are estimated for the first few (timelines change all the time!) and exact launch dates will be announced on the socials.

  1. (mid — late Nov) Incubator Release
  2. (mid — late Nov) Collab announcement
  3. Trading on NFT marketplace (tentatively opensea)
  4. ❕⭐😲😮😯🤭❗Community design challenge❕⭐😲😮😯🤭❗
  5. Update on TAMAG growth chart
  6. Nursery Release
  7. Battle Arena Release
  8. Retirement

1. Incubator Release

Everyone is hyped for this!! The incubator will be the only place…

The anticipation.

Really. Words can’t express my feelings enough.

I’ve said this many times in the TG and will say it again: Thank you for the support!

The initial date of launching was delayed due to some development obstacles that I failed to foresee, and the community was extremely understanding even though they waited for an hour only to hear it postponed to another day. “Better safe than sorry” was the main message from the community to me, and I feel grateful for the amount of understanding from the community :)

The 2nd date of launch was smoother, but was still delayed…


Welcome to 2021, the year of NFTs. Join us in building our very own niftygotchi universe! Join us at t.me/niftygotchi :)

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